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Colorful sustainable fashion from the north.

AINO clothes are designed in Finland and manufactured in Estonia, using fabrics made in Italy, Spain, France, Germany, Poland and Czechoslovakia.

Aino is a family-owned company founded in 1991 by Liisa Kotilainen and Vesa Poutiainen. The two Finns had worked in the fashion industry for most of their lives, and after they met on the job, they combined their expertise to begin producing their own fashion line. Turns out Liisa’s vibrant colours and detailed craftsmanship were a perfect match for Vesa’s verve and business acumen. The result has been any number of dazzling AINO collections that feature clothes with personality for satisfied customers the world over. 

AINO designs may be Nordic, but they are also Finnish. This means that each design has an underlying theme of everyday practicality running through it.

In Finland, it is often dark and drab for months on end during the colourless winter. This is why AINO’s signature look features bright and cheery colours and intriguing details.

To sum it up: AINO is a European clothing maker brand that seeks to bring fun and happiness into people’s lives!

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